Ad3 is a community, philosophy, a work ethic, a lifestyle.

Live your life to the fullest, playfully and responsibly.

It's what YOU make it.


. . .


Ad 3 has been alive and kicking since 1992. What is it? We are a group of individuals who like to have a good time in everything we do. AND with that said we also take care of each other and business. Taking care of each other... most of the time is easy... taking care of business gets hard sometimes after a late night of good times. One of our requirements is to attend conference meetings after a late night. Most of us are in the advertising/marketing fields, some of us are clients, some of us don't know what we are doing but have a great time doing it. Over the past couple of years others across the U.S. have joined in our quest. Meeting at conferences AD3 groups have been formed in California, Wisconson, Florida, Alabama, and Tennessee. Membership is gained by referral only... one of our representatives meets you at a conference, invites you to participate in our activities, then if you can hang AND make to the meetings in the morning... you may be in.